Cowboys! March 13 – 17

Hello all!

This is the schedule for the upcoming week.

Monday, March 13th – 6pm
Finish all dance w/ Lisa
-Aint No Brother
-Review Robbers Life
-Waltz in Across the Room
-Step Right Up Finale

Hopefully today we can finish up choreography and move on to all review.

Tuesday, March 14th – 6pm
Amanda will lead company time 3:30 – 5:00
work through all music 6pm – 10pm

When people aren’t working on music they will be reviewing dance or scene work so please be prepared for that.

Wednesday, March 15th
Possible Snow Day

If snow day, we can have an earlier rehearsal
12pm to 4pm
If it is not a snow day rehearsals will be 6 to 10

We will be running dance and reviewing scene work

Thursday, March 16th
Amanda will run company time 3:30 – 5:00

We will have Amanda and Lisa so we will spilt the rehearsal and review dances life Robbers Life and Nasty, Black and Rotten while Amanda works with the rest of the company

Friday, March 17th
Classes end at 3::20 so we can have rehearsals at 3:30 to 6
This will be a stumble through of the whole

Thank you!