Sweet Charity

sweet charity

by Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields and Neil Simon. Directed by Fran Page.

Have you ever known a girl who wanted something so badly that she tried too hard to get it? Meet Sweet Charity, the girl who wants to be loved so much that she has lost sight of who she is. Charity sings, dances, laughs and cries her way through romances with the “animal magnetism” hero, the “ultra-chic continental” hero, and the “impossible-to believe-but-he’s-better than nothing” type hero. Her world is the all too real world of Times Square. This is a bright and sophisticated show as Cy Coleman has captured the rhythms and sounds, and Dorothy Fields the vernacular and fun of New York. Neil Simon reveals the truly amusing side of life. Wonderful musical and dance numbers including Big Spender, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Too Many Tomorrows, There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This, I’m a Brass Band and Baby, Dream Your Dream.

Hanaway Theatre March 8-11