Microsoft Word – A KILLER PARTY Auditions.docx

We are excited you are interested in auditioning for A Killer Party! This show is fast-paced and a lot of fun! Here is all of the evidence you need to state your case (audition):

  1. Please read and listen to the show. Click this link to access the script and cast recording.
  2. Singing Audition – Please choose a 32-bar/1-minute cut of a contemporary musical theatre (2000s-today) piece or pop song. Note: Please do not try to learn something new for this audition. This is a great time to use your Rep Book and pull from it.
  3. Acting Audition – Prepare one of the sides listed below for your acting audition (details in the audition sides section of this announcement).
  4. Dance Audition – Prepare the dance audition (video reference listed in this post). Note: This is the same combination used for Mamma Mia. You can use your previous submission or re-record it.
  5. Dance Call Link is here:


6. Record all three pieces (singing, acting, and dance) of your audition.

7. Fill out the audition form located here.

8. Upload your video audition to the bottom of the audition form by midnight on 2/9/21 to be considered for the show.

Have fun and make bold choices!


Please look at the sides listed below and choose one to prepare. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Fun and creative choices.
  • Use of the camera and frame – play with the medium! We want io see how you use the camera and frame to enhance your choices. Notes:
  • Please feel free to choose any side regardless of gender expression. This show supports the freedom and fluidity of gender expression.
  • For those auditioning for Justine, please prepare both the Detective Case (older, reflective, memoir-writing Justine) and Justine sides. We may use different actors for the two roles or we may cast one person.
  • If auditioning for Varthur, please prepare Arthur’s side as well.



[Note: Use a graphic / animation to show where everyone is seated.] They all sit at a table and raise a glass of wine.

Everyone, please take your seats.

Behind Varthur, there is a prominent piece of art—seemingly of Varthur looking at his own reflection in a mirror. He wears a turtleneck.

After being locked away, toiling over every word, the author is finally satisfied. Tonight, we test-drive my new immersive theatrical experience—Circus Steamboat Murder—Death on the High Seas Trapeze!

(He takes a sip of soup in front of him. He coughs on it.)

If no one is coming to the theater anymore, well then, we have no choice but to bring theater into their homes!


Yes! They fired me the next day because they thought my voice changed. But I didn’t even go through puberty til I was seventeen—that’s another story. The point is my beautiful Gavroche voice was silenced by his terrible Blah-vroche voice! For ten years, all I wanted… was revenge.


Well, Varthur casts the shows, vetoes the designs, and slots one of his abysmal original plays every year, which hemorrhage money and suck the theater dry, so… only everyone. Oh, except maybe Lily—who had just gotten the lead, in a huge twist. Vivika is always the lead. So when the cast list for this murder mystery garbage went out, did I get phone calls—


Murderer. George Murderer, star of this theater . My Harold Hill KILLED. My Shrek SLAYED. My Roger ASSASSINATED THE AUDIENCE TO DEATH. And I know you. You’re just a traffic cop! A common meter maid! You ticket my car every Thursday at Barking Star Bar Darts-at-Dark!


Yes! Picture it: The Grand Finale. There I am, suspended in midair, looking like a shiny bell, about to be rung—then! Just as I’m about to leap, I look toward the center ring, and guess what I don’t see… The ringmaster. Gasp! He’s missing! So I plummet, plummet, down, down, looking like a sparkly Phoenix… and that’s when I see it. My husband. Dead—strangled by a kerchief!

(ROSETTA gives a little cry and flourish, ending the scene. Then… )

Oh, I’m also supposed to mention that the handkerchief had little red and white flowers. The kind you see on the Alabama flag.


Nice going, Cameron. She totally thinks you did it. But you didn’t do it. Even though you sound like you did. You idiot… Okay. Let it go. Nothing you can do about it.

Don’t eat that. Nevermind that your fingerprints are on everything. Or that you were holding a knife when the lights came on. Or that you wanted Varthur dead so much that you were standing over his body pretending to kill him and everybody saw that. Oh my god, WHY? Why did she have to take our phones? Why did I have to quarantine in the kitchen???

He goes for another canape. Slaps his own hand away again.


Cameron tries his best not to eat his feelings, even though he’s surrounded by food. He sings a mantra.


No. But it isn’t because I don’t have the talent. I’ve got the talent! But all anyone sees is Vivika, Vivika, Vivika. My own parents saw Vivika play Lady MacBeth and forced me to go out and get a real estate license. By the way, here’s my card.

LILY hands Justine a card. Musical intro begins.

People think I’m nothin’ ‘cause I come from nothin’. But I’m here to prove everyone wrong.



(She turns back to Justine, laughing almost maniacally.)

Oh my god. This is bad. Oh, god—

(She tries to stifle a giggle but she just can’t.)

I didn’t kill him.

I wish I had the guts to kill him. But I’m just not—I avoid confrontation. That’s why I became an estate lawyer. Easier to deal with dead people. Oh, god, I wrote his will. You must think I did it—Oh, god, I get the building and the house! But we had to do that. We couldn’t let anything go to his brother. He’s in prison for trying to murder Varthur. If had a nickel for every time someone wanted Varthur dead—

Oh, wow! And I was trying to sell the theater. It really looks like I did it. Who did do it? Do you know? Was it Vivika? She’s crazy. How’d he die?


I went to conservatory! And then I had to get an online pharmaceutical degree to pay for conservatory but that just proves my dedication to my dart! … Art. Varthur humiliated me with this charade. And I don’t like to be humiliated. As soon as I saw the invitation I knew what I had to do.


That’s detective work for you. One minute, you think you’re about to solve the case, the next, you’re admiring a recent widow’s handprint turkey. And then one minute after that, you’re feeling itchy, but then the next minute, it goes away. And then the NEXT minute… an unexpected source lends you a hand.


The answer has been hanging in plain sight the whole time! This isn’t a painting of a narcissistic man looking into his own reflection. This is a narcissistic man and his twin brother. Look closely. One is wearing a turtleneck and the other is not.