Brilliant Being 2019 Rehearsal Schedule

A detailed schedule follows this calendar image.

The planning is flexible and will be adapted as we go.
In 2016, we often worked in separate groups that came together for collaboration and discussion.

Six hours of steady dance rehearsal is of course too much movement.   Conversation and problems solving will be important parts of each rehearsal session.


Monday, May 20 (No Paul)

9-12   Investigate space and discuss basic story

1-4     Explore the kinds of movement that our company can present best and make strategies for development.


Tuesday, May 21  (Lisa arrives around 12:30 pm)

9-12   Stage and develop characters

1-4     Stage and develop characters


Wednesday, May 22  (Lisa must leave by 3 pm)

9-12  Stage and develop characters

1-4   Possible run. Get a sense of how score will work.


Thursday, May 23  (Emily in meeting from 12-2 pm)

9-12  Work and adjust

1-4   Run, work and adjust


Friday, May 24  (Beth arrives at 1 pm)

9-12   Run with music and develop tech.

1-4   Work and adjust and run with music


Tuesday, May 28 (Lisa arrives around 12:30 pm)

9-12   Refine tech and music – stop and start

1-4  Refine tech and music – stop and start


Wednesday, May 29  (Lisa must leave by 3 pm)

9-12   Run with tech and music

1-4    Work and adjust and run with tech and music


Thursday, May 30

9-12  Dress Run

1-4  Work/Adjust


Friday, May 31

9-12   Dress Run and Work/Adjust

1-4  Final Dress Run


Thursday, June 13

1pm Load-in at DUP39
Flexible schedule to make best use of the time.
Get all tech running.
Spacing rehearsal..

Do a full-run before the house opens.
Dinner before or after run.
8:30pm performance.