Mary Poppins 9/11-9/13

Tuesday Rehearsal 9/11

Choral Room with Dan

3:30-3:45: Feed the Birds- Sharleigh

3:45-4:00: Review: #9 Perfect Nanny- Alex and Patrick

4:00-4:30: REVIEW: #2 and #4 Cherry Tree Part 1 and 2 plus reprise #14, #7 Let’s Hope, #8 Spoonful of Sugar- Robbie, Paige, Sharleigh, Nate, Alex, Patrick

4:30-4:45: Review #16 and #18 Brimstone and Treacle 1 and 2- Mikayla, Jeanmarie

4:45-5:30: REVIEW: #6 Jolly, #11 Super, #19+A Step in Time, #9 Precision and Order- Mikayla, Jerome, Alex, Patrick, Sam, Jeanmarie, Amanda, Cassie, Izzy, Emily, Emma, Sophia, Sydney, Asher, Andrew, Josh, Ryan

5:30-6:30- Dinner Break

Hanaway with Amara

6:30-9:00: Step in Time- Mikayla, Jerome, Alex, Patrick**, Sam, Jeanmarie, Amanda, Cassie, Emily, Emma, Sophia, Sydney, Asher, Andrew, Josh, Ryan

**Patrick leaves at 8pm

Wednesday Rehearsal 9/12

Hanaway with Beth

6:00-6:45: Scene 1- Sharleigh, Izzy, Rob, Paige, Nate, Alex, Patrick (start p.3 so no Bert, Miss Lark or Admiral Boom)

6:45-7:00 Add josh to above

7:00-7:30: Scene 2- Mikayla, Rob, Alex, Patrick, Paige, Sharleigh

7:30-8:00: Scene 3- Mikayla, Alex, Patrick

8:00-9:00: DIalect- Mikayla, Rob, Alex, Paige

Thursday Schedule 9/13

Coral Room with Dan

3:30-4:30: Individual Coaching as wanted or needed
4:30-4:45: Playing the Game- Mikayla, Sam, Asher, Amanda
4:45-5:30: REVIEW: #22 Anything Can Happen, #16 Let’s Go Fly, and anything else needed- ALL

5:30-6:30: Dinner Break

Hanaway with Beth

6:30-7:30: Scene 4 through page 20, pg 25-27- Jerome, Jim, Patrick, Mikayla, Alex (No statues or park strollers)

7:30- 8:15: Scene 5- Rob, Paige, Alex, Patrick

8:15- 8:30: Scene 6- Jerome, Sydney, Ryan

8:30-9:00: Add Paige, Sharleigh, Nate, Alex, Mikayla
Patrick is not called to this part of the rehearsal!