Tuesday, 9/18 AFTERNOON
w/Amara 3:30 PM Tap Jerome, Sophia, Sydney Studio
w/Beth 4:50 PM Dialect Sam Boyle (Scene #7) Beth’s Office
5:10 PM Dialect Andrew (Scene #7) Beth’s Office
w/Amara, Beth and Dan 6:00-9:00
6:00 PM SPOONFUL of SUGAR p. 37-40 and then add 33-37 if time Mikayla, Alex, Patrick, Paige, Nate Hanaway
7:00 PM LET’s GO FLY a KITE p. 78-83 Emily, Amanda, Emma, Asher, Sam, Andrew, Patrick, Alex, Jerome, Jim, Mikayla
8:00 PM STEP in TIME p. 98-105 Mikayla, Jerome, Alex, Patrick, Sam, Jeanmarie, Amanda, Cassie, Emily, Emma, Sophia, Sydney, Asher, Andrew, Josh, Ryan, Nate
Wednesday, 9/19
w/Beth 6:00-9:15
6:00 PM Scene 8 Feed the Birds p. 47-48 Sharleigh, Mikayla, Alex, Patrick
6:20 PM Scene 9, p 49-53 (prior to SuperCal) Mikayla, Alex, Patrick, Jerome, Sydney, Mrs. Corry
7:00 PM Scene 10 p.58-62 Sharleigh, Nate, Paige, Rob, Alex, Patrick, Mikayla, Jerome
7:45 PM Scene 11 p 63-65 (prior to Playing the Game) Mikayla, Jane, Michael (no Toys)
8:00 PM Scene 7 The Bank p. 41-46 Mikayla, Alex, Rob, Cassie, Asher, Josh, Nate, Amanda, Izzy, Sydney (NO PATRICK), Andrew, Sam
8:50 PM Scene 12 Chim Chiminey p.69-70 Jerome, Mikayla
Thursday, 9/20
w/Beth 6:00:00-9:00 PM
6:00 PM Scene 7 The Bank Mikayla, Alex, Patrick, Rob, Cassie, Asher, Josh, Nate, Amanda, Izzy, Sydney
7:00 PM Muddle Through Act I ALL
(Patrick here till 8pm)