Theatre Audio Online Seminar

The Cyprus Centre of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and
Technicians and Eventpro LTD are pleased to announce a two day
presentation and discussion on the topic of “Theatre Audio” at Rialto
Theatre on the 9th and 10th of December 2020 from 17:00 to 19:30. The
event will be live streamed online and with limited seat availability at
Rialto theatre.
The seminar will focus on matters regarding the audio aspect of
theatres and will include presentations, discussion panels and Q&As
through the interaction with participants virtually. Topics such as
theatre and hall acoustics, the audio technology, artistic audio demands
and trends will be discussed with distinguished guests and speakers.
The featured speakers announced are Argyrides Vasos (Director of
Limassol Pattihio Theatre), Bargilly Andy (Artistic Director of KYPRIA
Int. Festival), Christofides Yiannis (Composer, Music and Sound
Designer), Doetzer Georgia (Chief Executive of Rialto Theatre),
Economou Panos (Managing Director Panacoustics Ltd & P.E.
Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd), Georgiou
Christina (Composer, Sound Designer and Screenwriter), Haraki Lia
(Performance Maker, Performer, Vocal Artist), Kolias George (composer/
producer/performer and sound designer), Pavlou Andreas (Technical
Director of Rialto Theatre) and Stavrinos Nikolas (composer/producer/
performer and sound designer).
Day 1 Coordinator: Yiannis Iona (CEO Eventpro Group)
Day 2 Coordinator: Marina Maleni (Board Secretary of CYCSTAT)
Free Registration:
Facebook Event Link:
Phone: 77 77 77 93