A Minor You Very Much Should Consider

At Plymouth State, we offer a rare and pragmatic minor: Standardized Patient Training. Things you should note:

  • It is an extremely interesting line of study that adds depth and interest to your skillset.
  • The courses are taught almost entirely in the Silver Center for the Arts.
  • The program is administered by Fran Page
  • Most theatre majors take half of these courses no matter what and are already halfway there.
You can visit this minor in the course catalog here: https://coursecatalog.plymouth.edu/undergraduate-programs/minors/standardized-patient-training-minor/

Alumni Grace Gilbert and Lindsey Brunelle recently spoke about the minor briefly as a part of a longer interview. Some footage courtesy of WMUR Chronicle.

This is a WMUR article on the program made in 2018: https://www.wmur.com/article/tuesday-may-1st-training-to-play-sick/20078365 Reposted courtesy of WMUR Chronicle.