• The Trial: A Cautionary American Drama

    Based on Franz Kafka’s classic novel The Trial, which focuses on government intimidation, individual loneliness, despair, and paranoia, and bureaucratic corruption, this adaptation takes Kafka’s Josef K transforms him into Joseph Kaye and transports him from early 20th century Europe to early 21st century New York City. In this adaptation by Paul Mroczka, Kaye finds himself on a year-long journey in a not-too-distant America where freedoms have been greatly diminished and despair has replaced hope. In this production, we’re asked to ultimately determine what is reality and what is a play. Directed by PSU Director of Theatre Paul Mroczka. Special Ticket Price for Saturday Matinee: $8.00 all tickets!


    Studio Theatre Sept 21-24, then 29-30.

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  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Set in post World War I Italy, this comedy offers a charming, witty and sometimes dark look at love. Beatrice and Benedick, who seem to be made for one another, play a cat and mouse game with lone another, while the lovely Hero and dashing Claudio find their promises of love circumvented by lies and misdeeds. Numerous complications put the fate of the lovers in jeopardy. But it’s a comedy, so it really does end joyously and happily.

    Hanaway Theatre Oct 19-22

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  • Merrily We Roll Along

    Merrily We Roll Along by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth. Directed by Beth Daily and Choreographed by Amanda Whitworth.

    Merrily We Roll Along begins in the present and moves backwards, tracing the lives of wealthy, jaded composer, Franklin Shepard, and his two estranged friends through each milestone of their personal and professional lives (good and bad). The show ends with a touch of rueful irony, as the three best friends at the start of their careers face a bright future: young, talented and enthusiastic about the worlds waiting to be conquered. The musical is based on the 1934 play of the same name by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.

    Studio Theatre Nov 16-19

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  • Sweet Charity

    by Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields and Neil Simon. Directed by Fran Page.

    Have you ever known a girl who wanted something so badly that she tried too hard to get it? Meet Sweet Charity, the girl who wants to be loved so much that she has lost sight of who she is. Charity sings, dances, laughs and cries her way through romances with the “animal magnetism” hero, the “ultra-chic continental” hero, and the “impossible-to believe-but-he’s-better than nothing” type hero. Her world is the all too real world of Times Square. This is a bright and sophisticated show as Cy Coleman has captured the rhythms and sounds, and Dorothy Fields the vernacular and fun of New York. Neil Simon reveals the truly amusing side of life. Wonderful musical and dance numbers including Big Spender, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Too Many Tomorrows, There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This, I’m a Brass Band and Baby, Dream Your Dream.

    Hanaway Theatre March 8-11

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  • A Dream Play

    by August Strindberg Directed by Paul Mroczka with Lighting Design by Giorgos Koukoumas of the Cyprus Theatre Organization in Nicosia

    In 1901, Strindberg created a purely Expressionistic play, A Dream Play. The primary character in the play is Agnes, a daughter of the Vedic god Indra. She descends to Earth to bear witness to problems of human beings. She meets about 40 characters, some of them having a clearly symbolical value (such as four deans representing theology, philosophy, medicine, and law). After experiencing all sorts of human suffering (for example poverty, cruelty, and the routine of family life), the daughter of gods realizes that human beings are to be pitied. Finally, she returns to the Heaven and this moment corresponds to the awakening from a dream-like sequence of events. In A Dream Play, we enter the world of the dreamer where anything and everything can and will happen. “The characters split, double, multiply, evaporate, condense, dissolve and merge. But one consciousness rules them all: the dreamer’s; for him there are no secrets, no inconsistencies, no scruples and no laws.”

    Studio Theatre April 12-15

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  • Playwright’s Showcase 2018

    written, directed and acted by students. Three to four one-acts will be premiered. Staged readings. All plays will be chosen from the fall Playwriting Class focusing on one-acts.

    Smith Recital Hall April 19-21

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