Rehearsal Schedules

  • Merrily We Roll Along 10/2 – 10/5

    October 3, 2017

    Alex Flammia

    Monday 2-Oct 6-8pm THE BLOB Ensemble Dance Studio
    Tuesday 3-Oct w/Amanda 3:30-5:30 THE BLOB Ensemble Dance Studio
    Dance Studio 4:45 add Gussie, Beth
    5:00 add Charley
    W/Andrew 3:30-4:10 Gussie
    Choral Room 4:10-5:00 It’s our Time Charley, Frank Mary
    5:00-5:30 Gavin / piano time
    w/Beth & Andrew 6:30-9:15 THAT FRANK
    Studio Theatre transitions Act One
    Wednesday 4-Oct w/Beth 6:00 Franklin Shepard Inc. Charley
    Studio Theatre 7:00-8:00 Old Friends/Like it Was Mary and Charley
    8:00-9:00 p31-48/Scene 2 Frank/Charley/Mary/K.T.
    and Gussie/Joe/Ru/Make-Artist
    Thursday 5-Oct w/Andrew 3:30
    Ensemble review
    Choral Room 4:10
    Now You Know – Scotty/Mary/Tyler/Charley/Frank/Joe/Jerome
    Now You Know – add rest of Ensemble
    w/Beth 6:30-7:00 p.50-55 Charley/Mary/Frank (no Frank jr)
    Studio Theatre 7:00-7:45 p.59-66 add Gussie and Joe
    7:45-9:15 68-70 and Growing Up Frank and Gussie


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  • Merrily We Roll Along September 25th – 28th

    September 25, 2017

    Alex Flammia

    Monday (no rehearsal) Sept 25


    Tuesday 3:30-5:00 – Chorale Room

        Ensemble – work on opening and That Frank

    5:00-7:00 Studio Theatre

        Read thru (food provided)

    7:00 See Sense and Sensibility in Hanaway – Aquila Theatre


    Wednesday Sept 26

    6:00-6:30 Costume/makeup – Dressing Room

       Frank, Charley, Mary, Beth, Gussie, Joe, Mr and Mrs. Spencer

    6:30-8:00 work with Art Department

       Same characters as above


    Thursday Sept 27

    3:30-5:30 – Chorale Room

       Ensemble review

       The BLOB

    6:30-9:15 Studio


      Opening – Ensemble

       That Frank

    Scene 2

    p.31-41 (up to Franklin Shepard Inc.)



    Monday, Oct 2

    THE BLOB (ensemble dance)


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  • Cowboys! March 26 – 30

    March 26, 2017

    Alex Flammia

    Hello again!
    so this is the rundown for the upcoming week!

    Sunday, 3/26/17
    We will be working through as much of the whole show as we can. we will have platforms and hopefully the stage, so we can start reworking the dances and blocking that we haven’t been able to put on the platforms.
    starts at 5pm, I will be in the building at 4:30

    Monday, 3/27/17
    Work through act 1

    Tuesday, 3/28/17
    Work through act 2

    Wednesday, 3/29/17
    Run through show
    Crew Watch!

    Thursday, 3/30/17
    Run through show
    Crew Watch!

    Possible rehearsal on Friday so ill let you all know later this week

    Thank you!

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  • Cowboys! March 13 – 17

    March 13, 2017

    Alex Flammia

    Hello all!

    This is the schedule for the upcoming week.

    Monday, March 13th – 6pm
    Finish all dance w/ Lisa
    -Aint No Brother
    -Review Robbers Life
    -Waltz in Across the Room
    -Step Right Up Finale

    Hopefully today we can finish up choreography and move on to all review.

    Tuesday, March 14th – 6pm
    Amanda will lead company time 3:30 – 5:00
    work through all music 6pm – 10pm

    When people aren’t working on music they will be reviewing dance or scene work so please be prepared for that.

    Wednesday, March 15th
    Possible Snow Day

    If snow day, we can have an earlier rehearsal
    12pm to 4pm
    If it is not a snow day rehearsals will be 6 to 10

    We will be running dance and reviewing scene work

    Thursday, March 16th
    Amanda will run company time 3:30 – 5:00

    We will have Amanda and Lisa so we will spilt the rehearsal and review dances life Robbers Life and Nasty, Black and Rotten while Amanda works with the rest of the company

    Friday, March 17th
    Classes end at 3::20 so we can have rehearsals at 3:30 to 6
    This will be a stumble through of the whole

    Thank you!

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  • Cowboys! Mar 7-12

    March 7, 2017

    Alex Flammia

    Hello Everyone!
    So this is how things are going to go down the rest of the week!

    Tuesday, March 7th
    All cast called at 6:00pm
    Lisa will be working choreo, Dirty, Black and Rotten and possibly a few others so be ready to dance.   Those who aren’t needed by Lisa will be with Amanda going over music soo also be ready to sing as well!

    Wednesday, March 8th
    All Called at 6:00pm
    Dance with Lisa
    We will be meeting at 6 and going over to see Antigone together before 7. when that show is over we will be going back to studio to continue till 10pm

    Thursday, March 9th 
    All Called at 6:00pm
    Dance with Lisa
    We will be meeting at 6 and going over to see Oedipus at Colonis together before 7. when that show is over we will be going back to studio to continue till 10pm

    Friday, March 10th
    All Cast called at 6:00pm
    We will be working blocking, continuing from pg. 55

    Sunday, March 12th
    Full Cast called 10am-1pm
    We will continue blocking
    I will be be here this day because of the oedipus performance.

    Thank you all for your patience and hard work! We are in full swing now so full cast will most likely be called every night. We have one week till spring break!

    Thank you all again and I’ll be seeing you tonight!!


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    January 23, 2017


    Tentative schedule and subject to change
    Date Time Who What Where
    Thursday, 26-Jan 10am-12noon All Chorus opening Dance Studio
    10:30-12noon Priestess p. 9-11 Rm 119
    11:00 add Oedipus p. 9-14
    and Creon
    1pm-3pm Oedipus p. 9-16 Dance Studio
    All Chorus
    3:30-5:00pm Oedipus p. 26-29 Rm 119
    Creon or TBA
    5:00-6:00pm 2nd Messenger p. 52-55 Rm 119
    or TBA
    Friday, 27-Jan 10am-12:30pm ALL Chorus review 14-16 Dance Studio
    p. 25-26
    1pm-3pm Oedipus p. 18-25 Rm 119
    4:30-5:30pm Oedipus p. 9 Rm 119
    p. 16-17
    Saturday, 28-Jan 9:30-12:30 Oedipus p. 26-30 Rm 119
    10:30 add Jocasta p. 30-33
    and Chorus
    11:30-1:00 Oedipus p. 33-36 Rm 119
    Jocasta p. 36-39 if time
    Monday, 30-Jan 6:15-7:15pm ALL called Dramaturgy Rm 119
    ensemble work
    7:15-9:15 Jocasta p. 41-47 TBD
    Tuesday, 31-Jan 6-9pm All Chorus p. 39-40 TBD
    review all
    to date
    Wednesday, 1-Feb 6:15-9:15pm Oedipus p. 43-47 TBD
    7:45 PM add Shepherd p. 48-52
    Thursday, 2-Feb 6-9pm ALL Chorus p. 48 and 52-53 TBD
    and any review
    8:00 PM add 2nd p. 53-55
    Monday, 6-Feb 6:15-7:30pm Oedipus p. 56-58 Hanaway
    7:30 PM add Creon p. 58-62
    8:30-9:15 add Antigone
    and Ismene
    Tuesday, 7-Feb OFF BOOK ALL Chorus WORK p. 9-36 Hanaway
    6:00-9:00pm Priestess
    7:00 PM add Teiresias
    Wednesday, 8-Feb OFF BOOK ALL WORK p. 36-62 Hanaway
    Thursday, 9-Feb 6:00-9:00pm ALL Stumble through full play Hanaway
    full play
    in sequence
    Friday, 10-Feb 4pm-6pm Individual TBA TBA
    Monday, 13-Feb 6:15-9:15pm TBA Fixes Hanaway
    Tuesday, 14-Feb 6:00-9:00pm ALL Fixes and run Hanaway
    Wednesday, 15-Feb SKI DAY ALL Fixes and run Hanaway
    Thusday, 16-Feb 6:00-9:00pm ALL Run Hanaway
    Crew Watch
    Saturday, 18-Feb 9am-9pm All TECH Hanaway
    Sunday, 19-Feb TBA TIME All TECH Hanaway
    Monday, 20-Feb 6:15-9:30pm All TECH Hanaway
    Tuesday, 21-Feb 6:00-9:30pm ALL DRESS Hanaway
    Wednesday, 22-Feb 6:00-9:30pm ALL DRESS Hanaway
    Thursday, 23-Feb 6:00-9:30pm ALL DRESS Hanaway
    Friday, 24-Feb leave at 10am ALL PERFORMANCE at UNH
    7:00pm curtain
    Tuesday, 28-Feb 6:00-9:00pm ALL BRUSH-UP Hanaway
    Thursday, 2-Mar 10:00 curtain ALL PERFORMANCE Hanaway
    TBA call
    Saturday, 4-Mar leave at 10am ALL PERFORMANCE at Keene State
    7:30 curtain reception @ KSC following
    Tuesday, 7-Mar 6:00-9:00pm ALL BRUSH-UP Hanaway
    Wed and Thurs 8-Mar and 9-Mar 7:00 PM GUESTS Antigone Hanaway
    See other plays Oedipus at Colonus Hanaway
    Friday, 10-Mar 7:00 PM ALL PERFORMANCE Hanaway
    Saturday, 11-Mar 1:00 PM ALL PERFORMANCE Hanaway
    Sunday, 12-Mar 1:00 PM ALL PERFORMANCE Hanaway
    PERFORMANCE Schedule
    Friday, 24-Feb travel UNH, Durham, NH
    opening 10am, bus leaves PSU
    Tech at UNH in afternoon
    7:00pm performance
    Thursday, 2-Mar School PSU
    Performance 10am performance
    Saturday, 4-Mar travel Keene State College
    10am, bus leaves PSU
    7:30pm performance
    reception at KSC after performance
    Wednesday, 8-Mar guests KEENE State performs
    at PSU ANTIGONE at 7pm
    Thursday, 9-Mar guests UNH performs
    at PSU OEDIPUS at COLONUS at 7pm
    PSU hosts reception following performance
    Friday, 10-Mar Performance 7:00 PM
    Saturday, 11-Mar Performance 1:00 PM
    7:00 PM
    Sunday, 12-Mar Performance 1:00 PM ALL REQUIRED TO ATTEND STRIKE


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