Cast Lists

Sweet Charity

Charity Hope Valentine Sarah Kelly
Cassie Cutting-U/S
Helene Rose Chaffee
Nickie Rebecca Mansfield
Carmen Emily Trubey
Rosie Sophia Shay
Suzanne Jeanmarie LaPointe
Frenchy Samantha Leone
Betsy Cassie Cutting
Elaine Amanda Lattanzi
Herman Sam Boyle
Ursula March Margaret McGovern
Vittorio Vidal Jerome Torres
Oscar Linquist Robert Herstedt
Jacob Tilton – U/S
Daddy Brubeck Asher Clark
Two Assistants to Brubeck Jacob Tilton
Ethan Fifield


Charlie/Voice on Tape Mason Randall
First Passerby/Man Panhandler Ethan Fifield
First Young Man/Marvin John Rumore
Married Woman/First Woman Isabella Fee
Married Man/Manfred Cameron Downing
Woman with Hat/Woman . Jule Finley
Panhandler/Good Fairy
Ice Cream Vendor/ . Brian Riley Best
Second Man Panhandler
Second Young Man/Waiter Nathan Wild
Baseball Player/Woman Waiting . Grace Brooks
for Elevator
Girl/Information Booth Girl Sharleigh Thomson
Man with Dog/Doorman S. Bernard-Kriegl
Spanish Young Man Matthew Scala
Dirty Old Man/Barney Nick Cochran
First Cop/Policewoman/Ponytail Girl Molly Stone
Second Cop/Cop Sam Boyle

Additional Ensemble Members
Emma Cooke
Sydney Moquin
Mikayla Caterino
Sheyenne Lester

* The ensemble will be featured in various scenes and dances. You may be asked to play additional characters and/or be featured in a dance number. These additional roles will be assigned during the rehearsal process.

A Dream Play

by August Strindberg and Adapted by Caryl Churchill

AGNES Nicole Morris


Samuel Clifton
Cameron Downing
Alexandra Flammia
Scott Foisy
Carolyn Hart
Calysta Jacobs
Paige MacDonald
Gavin Morgan
Katherine Pereira
Molly Ricker
Rebecca Turmel