Cast Lists

MARY POPPINS                                               BERT
    Mikayla Caterino                                             Jerome Torres
MRS. BANKS                                                   MR. BANKS
    Paige MacDonald                                             Rob Herstedt
JANE BANKS                                                   MICHAEL BANKS
    Alexandra Flammia                                                    TBD
 MISS ANDREWS                                            ROBERTSON AY
     Jeanmarie Lapointe                                       Nathan Wild

MRS. BRILL / BIRD LADY                                VALENTINE                                              
    Sharleigh Thomson                                          Sam Boyle
MRS COREY                                                    ADMIRAL BOOM
    Sophia Shay                                                      Ryan DePaolo
MISS LARK                                                      BANK CHAIRMAN
    Sydney Moquin                                                Asher Clark
WOMEN                                                          MEN
    Emma Cooke                                                  Joshua Bonilla
    Cassie Cutting                                                Sam Boyle
    Alex Flammia                                                Mike Cataluna
    Amanda Lantanzi                                            Asher Clark
    Jeanmarie Lapointe                                        Ryan DePaolo
    Sydney Moquin                                               Andrew Hotham
    Sophia Shay                                                    Nathan Wild
    Izzy Stafford                                                               
    Sharleigh Thomson
    Emily Trubey

Dracula’s Decadent Dinner Party
Count Dracula- Matthew Kadam
Dr Henry Jeryll/Mr. Edward Hyde- Sam Clifton
Dr. Victor Frankenstein- Kyle Thibault
Mina Murray-Harker- Rebecca Turmel
Gretel Suss- Samantha Leone
Dorian Gray- Mason Randall
Red Riding Hood- Sheyenne Lester
Detective Holmes- Grace Brooks
Renfield- Spencer Bernard-Kriegl
Holly- Alicia Edgar
Rowan- Alex Birand

Game Night
Brian – Will Johnston
Miranda – Abby Belanger
Austin – Nick Cochoran
Jesse – Scott Foisy

A Christmas Carol
Everyone will be playing numerous characters. The other actors will come from the community. Scrooge will be played by a professional actor
Calysta Jacobs
Jacob Tilton
Margaret McGovern – Will be playing piano in the show
Nicke Morris
Rose Chaffee
Brian Riley Best