Cast Lists

An Enemy of the People – Cast List

Dr. T. Stockmann, medical officer at the municipal baths and so-called “Enemy of the People”

Grace Brooks

Mrs. Katherine Stockmann, an initial doubter and later supporter of Dr. Stockmann’s claims

Mikayla Caterino

Petra, Dr. and Mrs. Stockmann’s daughter, a schoolteacher

Sara-Ann Bailinson

Eilif, Dr. and Mrs. Stockmann’s son, age thirteen

Trevor Johnson

Morten, Dr. and Mrs. Stockmann’s son, age ten

Anna Skala

Peter Stockmann, Dr. Stockmann’s elder brother, mayor, chairman of the municipal baths committee

Jerome Torres

Morten Kiil, a tanner in the local hide industry, stepfather of Mrs. Stockmann

Sam Little

Hovstad, editor of the local paper, The People’s Tribune

Michael Hughes

Billing, an employee of the newspaper

Mackenzie Goodwin

Aslaken, a printer

Joseph Francoeur

Horster, a sea captain

Christian Simpson

Spelling Bee Cast List

ChipTolentino: Andrew Hotham

Chip Understudy*: Jagger Reep

Schwartzy: Amanda Lattanzi

Schwartzy Understudy*: Grace Gilbert

Leaf Coneybear: Scott Foisy

William Barfee: Kyle Sidders

Marcy Park: Sydney Moquin

Olive Ostrovsky: Emily Trubey

Rona Perretti: Jeanmarie LaPointe

Vice Principal Panch: Asher Clark

Mitch Mahoney: Aidan Lamont

*Understudies will have an opportunity to perform during the run of the show.