Practicum Assignments
Spring 2021

Practicum Assignments
Spring 2021

  • This semester, just as in the fall, we are still not assigning practicum students to any of the shops.
  • We still need to minimize people on stage, so our deck crews will remain small.
  • We are still streaming our shows, so we will still be using camera crew.
  • If you are on this list, please make contact with your supervisor. If you are on running crew, reach out to your stage manager.

SilverStar Voyages

Producer, Story Editor, Stand-By DirectorPaul Mroczka 
Directors Mikayla Caterino
Izzy Stafford 
Stage Manager Anthony Eldridge 
Assistant Stage Manager Leanne Burgess 
Assistant Stage Manager Ryan Konrad 
Matt Kadam Lighting Designer 
Asst.  Costume Designer Mackenzie Goodwin 
Makeup Design Grace Kudla 
Video Graphics and Effects/Watchout Operator Anna Skala 
Camera Switch Operator Christopher Dodge 
Camera Operator 1 Emily Trubey 
Camera Operator 2 Emma Nigg
Sound Board Operator Imanee Gordon 
Light Board Operator Cassie Cutting 
Deck Manager Jesse Fredette 
Wardrobe / Onstage Costume Asst. Sierra Norko 

War of the Roses: She-Wolves & Queens

ProducerPaul Mroczka 
DirectorJessie Chapman
Stage Manager Emma Malloy
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Street
Jill MitchellSet Designer
Danee GrilloCostume Designer
Asst.  Costume Designer Mackenzie Goodwin
Matt KizerLighting Designer 
Asst.  Lighting  Designer Anna Skala
Hair & Makeup Design Sara-Ann Bailinson
Prop MasterEthan Thompson
Camera Switch Operator STILL NEEDED
Camera Operator 1 Jay Baker
Camera Operator 2 Simpson, Christian M.
Sound Designer & Board Operator  Ryan Konrad 
Light Board Operator Wozmak, Cambria M.
Wardrobe / Onstage Costume Asst. Blake Ellis
Sorchae McMeel

A Killer Party

ProducerPaul Mroczka 
DirectorFran Page
Stage Manager Grace Kudla
Production Design & EditingIzzy Stafford

Rights & Riots

ProducerPaul Mroczka 
DirectorElizabeth Daily
Stage Manager Audrey Solinas
Assistant Stage Manager  
Danee Grillo Costume Designer
Matt KadamLighting Designer 
Camera Switch Operator Matthew Frye
Camera Operator 1 Harrison Christilles
Camera Operator 2 STILL NEEDED
Sound Board Operator STILL NEEDED
Light Board Operator Mikayla Caterino
Deck Manager Ryan Konrad
Wardrobe / Onstage Costume Asst. STILL NEEDED
Post Production EditorConnor Butt
Prop MasterReich, Nathaniel S.