Practicum Assignments
Spring 2021

Practicum Assignments
Fall 2021

If you are on this list, please make contact with the supervisor of your area.
Costume Shop: Danee Gosselin
Scene Shop: Bob Bruemmer and Heather Manfredi.
Electrics: Tyler McCarthy
Scenic Artists: Heather Manfredi

If you are on running crew, reach out to your stage manager.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

DirectorTim L’Ecuyer
Stage Manager Ryan Konrad 
Assistant Stage Manager Emily King
Set Designer & ProjectionsMatt Kizer
Costume DesignDanee Gosselin
Lighting DesignDan Hopper 
Sound Design Mark Tulk 
Prop MasterEthan Thompson
Light Board Operator Sadie Covill
Projections Operator Cambria Wozmak
Sound Board Operator Michael Aviles Bramer
Sound Board – Mic TrackingCicely Richardson
Running CrewSamuel Rogers
Running CrewNicholas Bailey
WardrobeLilyana Johanson
WardrobeTrinity Morse

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

DirectorFran Page
Music DirectorHannah Murray
ConductorJustin McCarthy
Stage Manager Blake Ellis
Assistant Stage Manager Jay Baker 
Set Design, Lighting, ProjectionsMatt Kizer
Assistant Lighting DesignImanee Gordon 
Costume DesignMackenzie Goodwin 
Sound Engineer Tyler McCarthy 
Dance CaptainEmma Molloy
Prop MasterJesse Fredette
Hair and MakeupSierra Norko
Master PainterFaith Dame
Light Board Operator Sara-Ann Bailinson
Projections Operator Ethan Thompson
Assistant to the Sound Engineer Summer Smith-Hemeon (Summer Storm)
Followspot OperatorLindsey Brunelle
Followspot OperatorAbigaile Burke
Running Crew Colton Stergue
Wardrobe / Onstage Costume Asst. Hanna Street
Scene Shop and ElectricsJackson Ploof
Scene Shop and ElectricsKyle Sidders
Scene Shop and ElectricsRylan Lewandowski
Costume ShopEmma Littig
Costume ShopEmma Nigg
PainterCalle Bisaillon

See Jessie Chapman

Educational Workshop AdministrationGarrison Barron
Educational Workshop Administration Audrey Solinas