Microsoft Word – A KILLER PARTY Auditions.docx We are excited you are interested in auditioning for A Killer Party! This show is fast-paced and a lot of fun! Here is all of the evidence you need to state your case (audition): Please read and listen to the show. Click this link to access the script and cast recording. Singing Audition – Please choose a 32-bar/1-minute cut of a contemporary musical theatre (2000s-today) piece or pop song. Note: Please do not try to learn something new for this audition. This is a great time to use your Rep Book and pull from it. Acting Audition – Prepare one of the sides listed below for your acting audition (details in the audition sides section of this announcement). Dance Audition – Prepare the dance audition (video reference listed in this post). Note: This is the same combination used for Mamma Mia. You can…

Theatre Audio Online Seminar

The Cyprus Centre of Scenographers, Theatre Architects andTechnicians and Eventpro LTD are pleased to announce a two daypresentation and discussion on the topic of “Theatre Audio” at RialtoTheatre on the 9th and 10th of December 2020 from 17:00 to 19:30. Theevent will be live streamed online and with limited seat availability atRialto theatre.The seminar will focus on matters regarding the audio aspect oftheatres and will include presentations, discussion panels and Q&Asthrough the interaction with participants virtually. Topics such astheatre and hall acoustics, the audio technology, artistic audio demandsand trends will be discussed with distinguished guests and speakers.The featured speakers announced are Argyrides Vasos (Director ofLimassol Pattihio Theatre), Bargilly Andy (Artistic Director of KYPRIAInt. Festival), Christofides Yiannis (Composer, Music and SoundDesigner), Doetzer Georgia (Chief Executive of Rialto Theatre),Economou Panos (Managing Director Panacoustics Ltd & P.E.Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd), GeorgiouChristina (Composer, Sound Designer and Screenwriter), Haraki Lia(Performance Maker, Performer, Vocal…

Senior Awards 2020

Each year at Plymouth State University, we honor our graduating seniors for their accomplishments and growth during their time in our program. This year, we are unable to hold any kind of convocation or social gathering to properly recognize these remarkable people. In lieu of our traditional ceremony, we are presenting here, online, this year’s Senior Awards in Theatre (in alphabetical order).

War of the Roses: She-wolves & Queens Auditions

These auditions will be the week of April 20th and will be conducted over Zoom. Each person auditioning needs to sign up through the call board sign up sheet for a 10-minute slot on Wednesday, 4/22 or Thursday, 4/23 there will be afternoon and evening slots available. If you are not available for any of the audition times or have a technology concern about using Zoom, email jmchapman@plymouth.edu to make an alternate arrangement. Audition preparation (two things): 1. Before your audition choose one of the eight sides provided in this Google Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZxVl9ui2f1bbPgnqdQn-uCp1fScE6qA4?usp=sharing For whichever side you choose, you decide which character you would like to read for your audition, there will be a reader in your audition Zoom who will read the other role. Please note that the audition form will ask which side and character you have chosen to read. 2. Fill out this Google form prior to…

Mama Mia Monologues

Choose one monologue for your Mamma Mia! audition and please prepare and tape. You can download these monologues to your phone or computer from this link.as a PDF. Monologue 1 If there’s one thing I can’t stand in theater, it’s walking out along on stage at the beginning of the evening to open a show cold. (Grins) But it’s better than waiting tables. I’m Charlie (ironic)…your waiter for the evening. I’d rather be on stage tonight. Waiting tables is a toy job. You probably don’t know what a toy job is. I’ll explain. A toy job is a job that you don’t really care about, that you do to make a living, while you wait for the chance to do the job you want to do. (Beat. He measures the audience) But maybe you know already. Being a waiter is sort of a standard job for an actor, it’s expected….