Cast Lists for Spring 2024

Sincere gratitude to everyone who auditioned! Please initial the copy of this list posted in the student lounge to officially accept your roles. It is my fondest hope that we’ll be able to find time for a read-through before the end of the semester… but we’ll see. Watch your email for updates on that and other things. I’m really excited to work with all of you and to get started on this exciting project!     –Tim

Cast list for

The Secret in the Wings

Ellie Adams

Third Blind Queen, Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh, Allerleira’s Companion/Louise, Swan-Son, one of the Children (Stolen Pennies)

Nick Bailey

Second Blind Queen, Allerleira’s Father’s Attendant, Swan-Son, King of Silent for Seven Years, Papa

Calle Bisaillon

Nursemaid, Father of the Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh, Allerleira’s Companion/Laura, Andrew (Seven Swans), Stranger

Lauren Christopher

Mother, First Blind Queen, Lady-in-Waiting, Allerleira, Evil Mother (Seven Swans),  one of the Children (Stolen Pennies)

Jacob Hepburn

First Prince, Suitor Number Five Hundred Sixty-Eight, Silent Daughter, Mama

James Kelleher

Third Prince, Suitor Number One, Snake Leaves Princess, Swan-Son,  one of the Children (Stolen Pennies), Son of the Third Blind Queen

Nate LaPorte

Second Prince, Lady-in-Waiting, Sea Captain, Allerleira’s Father, Swan-Son,  one of the Children (Stolen Pennies)

Andrew Le

Father, Ambassador, Boy’s Servant (Snake Leaves), First Lady-in-Waiting, Swan-Son,  Second King (Allerleira), one of the Children (Stolen Pennies)

Riley Scanlon

Heidi, Suitor Number Two, Snake-Leaves Boy, Stolen Pennies Child, Allerleira’s Companion, Swan-Son

Daniel Sleeper

Mr. Fitzpatrick, Father of the Seven Sons

Once Upon a Mattress Cast

Thank you all for coming out to audition. We appreciate your preparedness and are looking forward to working with you. Please initial next to your name to confirm that you accept the role for which you’ve been cast. We will try to get a quick meeting on the books prior to the semester break to discuss the logistics of our process.

All the best,

Fran, Hannah, Justin, and Lisa

Prince DauntlessIan Manning
Queen AggravainHaley Serafine
Princess Winnifred the WoebegoneMeredith Hoole
JesterJoey Goldberg
King Sextimus the SilentColton Sturgue
Lady LarkenJoie Lynch
MinstrelJackson Ploof
WizardMichael Aviles Bramer
Sir HarryTeddy Wilkin
Lady MabelleRyley McNeeley
Lady RowenaLillian Graham
Nightingale of SamarkandAlissa Cutting
Princess No. 12Olivia Zottos
Kitchen WenchRowyn Abbot-Smith
Sir StudleyCyrus Bowditch
Sir LuceTaylor Smith
EnsembleWill Platt Sorchae McMeel Ryley McNeeley Rowyn Abbott-Smith Cyrus Bowditch Alissa Cutting Taylor Smith Summer Smith-Hemeon Matt Dailey Megan McFadden Simone LaPlante