Little Women Cast List

Jo March – Grace Gilbert

Meg March- Maddie Anna

Beth March – Lindsey Brunelle

Amy March – Emily King

Marmee March – Emma Molloy

Mr. Laurence – Garrison Barron

Laurie Laurence – Kyle Sidders

Aunt March- Hanna Street

Professor Bhaer- Teddy Wilkin

Mr. John Brooke- Harrison Christilles

Mrs. Kirk – Anna Skala

Rodrigo- Aidan Lamont

Thanks again to all who auditioned. The offer still stands if you are not cast and would like to reach out to Jessie and/or Hannah for feedback on your audition, you are encouraged to do so.

To the Little Women company, we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks with more details and information (rehearsals begin 1/10). If you live on campus please let Jessie know by December 8th, so we can get you on the list for Residential Life of those who are returning to campus early.

Always -Jessie, Hannah, Lisa, Justin, and Sara-Ann