Little Women Callbacks

Thursday, December 2. 3:30-5:30pm

Thank you so much to all who auditioned for Little Women. There was a tremendous amount of talent displayed, which made our job very hard. Since this is a small-cast show, our callback decisions reflect the strongest possibilities for the tight-knit ensemble we’d like to create for this production. 

The final cast list will be posted by the end of the week, and those who are not called back may be included in the final cast list, and those who are called back may be cast in a different role than what you are called back for. If you are not cast and would like to reach out to Jessie and/or Hannah for feedback on your audition, you are encouraged to do so.

The Callback is broken into three sections: Acting 3:30-4:15, Music 4:15-5:00, and Dance 5:00-5:30pm. Acting sides and music cuts for callbacks will be available in the Student Lounge tomorrow/Wednesday by late afternoon.

Always -Jessie, Hannah, Lisa, Justin & Sara-Ann

Acting 3:30-4:15pm Recital Hall

  • Maddie A: Meg
  • Garrison B: Mr. Laurence
  • Lindsey B: Beth
  • Harrison C: Mr. Brooke
  • Janaysia G: Amy, Aunt March
  • Grace G: Jo
  • Emily K: Amy
  • Aidan L: Laurie, Rodrigo
  • Emma M: Marmie
  • Jackson P: Rodrigo
  • Kyle S: Laurie, Rodrigo
  • Christian S: Professor Bhaer, Mr. Brooke
  • Hanna S: Aunt March, Mrs. Kirk
  • Teddy W: Professor Bhaer

Singing 4:15-5:00pm Recital Hall

  • Amy: Janaysia G & Emily K
  • Aunt March: Janaysia G & Hanna S
  • Professor Bhaer: Christian S & Teddy W
  • Mr. Brooke: Harrison C & Christian S
  • Laurie: Aidan L & Kyle S
  • Rodrigo: Aidan L, Jackson P, & Kyle S

Dance Call 5:00-5:30pm Dance Studio

  • Maddie A
  • Garrison B
  • Lindsey B
  • Harrison C
  • Janaysia G
  • Grace G
  • Emily K
  • Aidan L
  • Emma M
  • Jackson P
  • Kyle S
  • Christian S
  • Hanna S
  • Teddy W


If you have been called back for singing, your excerpts are now posted on the board in the student lounge.  Please pick them up and learn them to the best of your availability for tomorrow.  There is no need to memorize them.  Thanks!