Fall 2023 Cast Lists: War of the Worlds & Godspell

War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast Cast

Calle Bisaillon– Jake Laurents, Orson Welles, Narrator, & Professor Pierson

Cicely Richardson– Freddie Filmore

Daniel Sleeper– Dan Seymour, Carl Phillips, Secretary of the Interior, Father, & The Boston Globe Newsboy

Sorchae McMeel– Lana Sherwood, Ora Nichols, 22nd Field Artillery Officer, Wife, Sylvia Homes, & Jingle Quartet Singer

Michael Aviles Bramer– Howard Koch, Brigadeer General Smith, Stranger, CBS Announcer, Listener 3, 1970’s Reporter, & Jingle Quartet Singer

Ian Manning-Studio Announcer, Husband (in commercial #2), & Jingle Quartet Singer

Lillian Graham– Studio Manager, Mr. Wilmuth, 22nd Field Artillery Observer, 8X3R Radio Operator, Daughter (in commercial #3), The Daily News Newsboy, Woman with Poison, 1940’s Reporter, & Jingle Quartet singer

Colton Stergue– Harry Haywood, John Houseman, Captain Lansing, Langham Field Radio Operator, Son (in commercial #3), Columnist #1, & 1950’s Reporter

Megan McFadden– Sally SoundFX, Meridian Room Announcer, 22nd Field Artillery Gunner, Mother (in commercial #3), Walter Winchell, Dorothy Thompson, & 1990’s Reporter

Nicholas Bailey– Mercury Stage Manager, Policeman at Wilmuth Farm, Lieutenant Voght, Reporter 1 at CBS, Listener 1, Campbell Playhouse Announcer, & 2010’s Reporter

Felicity Felix– WBFR Stage Manager, Bayonne Radio Operator, CBS Employee, Reporter #2 at CBS, Listener 2, & 2000’s Reporter

Alyson Lomme– 2X2L Radio Operator, Reporter #3 at CBS, Woman in Church, & 1980’s Reporter

Cyrus Bowditch– Harry McDonald, Newark Radio Operator, Policeman at CBS, The New York Times Newsboy, Columnist #2, & 1960’s Reporter

Thank you to all who auditioned! Jessie Chapman, Director


Cast List


Jesus                                                Teddy Wilkin                  

John the Baptist/Judas            Joey Goldberg                

Alissa (On the Willows)             Alissa Cutting

Gilmer                                              Olivia Zottos                 

Herb                                                  Nathan LaPorte               

Jeffrey                                              Jacob Hepburn               

Joanne                                            Meredith Hoole            

Lamar                                               Jackson Ploof               

Peggy                                               Lauren Christopher           

Robin                                               Joie Lynch                   

Sonia                                                Haley Serafine                 

CAST:  Other than Jesus and John/Judas, you will be using your own first name, but for purposes of using the rental script, we will follow these scripted names.  There will be line adjustments and reassignments though, to accommodate all individuals who are cast, so stay tuned. 


Creative Team:  Beth Daily, Hannah Murray, Justin McCarthy and Alicia Edgar