Into the Woods Prop List

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All props will fall under either scenery or costumes, to be determined by the team. Cambria Hobbs and Ethan Thompson will be working with Danee Grillo and Matt Kizer.

  1. Beanstalk. This is made from rope and fabric. It is concealed on the stage. It is rigged discreetly so that on cue it can grow up out of sight behind the borders.
  2. Baby: We have a realistic baby stored in Kizer’s office. It will need an appropriate blanket.
  3. Lead for Milky White. We will need four string and one slimeball.
  4. Glasses for Step Sisters
  5. Hen (acquired – must be returned later)
  6. Flying birds hanging from mobiles/puppet stick.

From Rehearsal Reports:

Report #1

Beanstalk placement and concept. This is a prop/special effect, though it will need to be rigged.

Report #2

  1. We would like to have a fake baby to use for Baker’s wife so she can get used to it. As a props master has not yet been assigned, Stage Management is happy to pull a rehearsal one!
  2. Consumable props should not be actual bread, we are thinking something along the lines of peeled apple slices

Report #3

  1. Milky White will need a lead, probably attached with a belt to Katie. Can be something like a short leash or if we have an animal lead

Report #4

  1. Step Sisters will need glasses for after they’re blinded
  2. We have received a hen (that should be returned to Jessie C) her name is Pearl Pecksly
Page #PropCostume or Scenery Up for debate Description
#1Rag for Cinderella to polish floor and bucketCostumeJust a rag to wipe the floor can be just a towel and a bucket
#6Loaf of bread, Sticky Bunns, General sweetsWill not be consumed.
#6, #7, #18Pot of LentilsSceneryIt will make a clanging noise that will likely be done by the pit
#7, #25, #170BirdsSceneryLike a bird mobile, will be held by a crew member off stage and hang above Cinderella needs to be used on both sides of the stage
#8, #39Peeled Apple SlicesScenery?It will be eaten by joey in place of bread she is “compulsively eating sweets”
#9, #27-30, Little Red’s BasketCostumeTo hold sweets etc
Generally, First appearance is #14Witch Staff?She will have this for most of the show but it does get thrown offstage at the end
#196 beansAre handed as separate beans
#21Cinderella’s shawlCostumeShe wears it as she goes to her mother’s grave
#26Bouquet of wildflowersCinderella brings them to their mother’s grave and little red brings them to granny on pg #27
#32ScarfCostumebaker’s wife gives it to the baker and I believe he has it throughout the show
GenerallyMilky White’s LeadCostume?We have talked about a few options for this touch base w/ Danee and Cambria for this
#34, #58, #84Beans/Coins for bakerCostumeWill likely be in a little bag, Baker does hand jack beans
#41Bed for Granny’sI believe this is a set piece but just in case
#42KnifeSceneryThis is the one that the baker uses to “gut” the wolf
#46BeansJack’s mother throws these to the ground
#50BeanstalkSceneryThe beanstalk comes on here and stays thorough the second act it is first mentioned on page #48 but doesnt actually grow till pg #50
#70Stewards Scepter and lanternScenery
#72Ear of corn
#76Golden EggWill go in Baker’s pocket
#80Single Bean
#91Mustache for cow
#94ChaliceTo milk milky white 
#99KnifeCan be the bakers knife
#101Twin babiesFor rapunzel