Alumni Bricks Class of 2020

Most of you are aware of the hallway that leads from the mezzanine in Silver back to the Studio Theatre control booth.
For a very long time, there has been a tradition of students – usually technical students – painting bricks at the end of their graduation year.
There’s not much rhyme or reason. Usually each just picks a spot they like and they mark it for prosperity.
It’s not something that belongs to specific options or even majors; it started off as just the people that might have frequented this hall.
A few years back, the costume shop alumni started doing theirs in costume storage.
Then they started doing them in the shop.

I’ve had conversations with performers about this. We’ve talked about the trap room and those areas as possible locations for some alumni bricks. We need to keep them out of formal Silver Center areas that people renting the space use (like the dressing rooms) but I think we can start allocating bricks to all of the alumni. I would say that the costume shop areas, the alumni hall, and the trap room (and surrounding halls down there) are all fair game.

You seven alumni had to skip a lot of stuff at the end of spring 2020.

I’m mailing each of you a piece of material the size and shape of an alumni brick and a stamped envelope ready to return. I want you to decorate your brick. Paint or mark up the panel I am sending you. Mail it back.

Think about where in Silver you might like to leave your mark. You can’t come into Silver right now, but we’ll glue this panel to a brick where you think it ought to be. We’ll glue your panel to a brick with something that ought to hold for the next fifty years at least.