NHETG 2022 Workshop Proposals

Hello, theatre creatures!

This fall we are once again hosting the New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild conference in October. As usual, the conference will happen on Friday, the day immediately after we open our first Hanaway show. Into the Woods opens and then we have an entire day of hosting workshops on Friday October 7.

Most of you know what this is all about from past years of hosting and from attending as students when you were in High School. This is always a great day for us. We will be hosting high school theatre students from all over the state and offering a huge variety of workshops and experiences for the day.

If you are interested in hosting a session, please email me as soon as possible. mkizer@plymouth.edu

We need this schedule delivered to the guild by September 15. I will be building this schedule starting today (Sept 7).

Below are images of the schedules from 2019 and 2021. Things to note include:

  1. The Plymouth Players host improv workshops each session 1 – 5.
  2. There is a thing that goes on every session called Tech Olympics. The seniors will remember this. It is VERY popular and will be back this year.
  3. We have upperclass students run some workshops in addition to staff and faculty. In the 2021 image you can also see assistants, which include students from all classes.
  4. We are open to interesting concepts for sessions.
  5. The guild pays workshop hosts and assistants.
  6. We will be awarding Plushies once again, though the criteria will evolve.

More information will be posted as we go!