The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


SIOBHAN Lindsey Brunelle
ED Christian Simpson
JUDY Audrey Solinas
VOICE ONE Madeline Anna
Mrs. Shears, Mrs. Gascoyne, Woman on the Train, Shopkeeper
VOICE TWO Garrison Barron
Roger Shears, Duty Sargent, Mr. Wise, Man Behind Counter, Drunk One
VOICE THREE Calle Marion Bisaillon
Policeman, Mr. Thompson, Posh Woman
VOICE FOUR Aleksei Ellis
Rev. Peters, Lady in the Street, Station Policeman, Drunk Two
VOICE FIVE Emma Littig
No. 40, Uncle Terry, Information, Punk Girl
VOICE SIX Hanna Street
Mrs. Alexander, Station Guard, Man with Socks, London Policeman

Artistic & Production Team

Artistic & Production Team
Producer Matt Kizer
Director Timothy L’Ecuyer
Stage Manager Ryan Konrad
Assistant Stage Manager Emily King
Set Design & Projections Matt Kizer
Costume Design Danee Gosselin
Lighting Design Dan Hopper
Sound Design Mark Tulk
Cognitive & Neurodiversity Insight Nicholas Helms
Technical Director Robert Bruemmer
Assistant Technical Director Heather Manfredi
Master Electrician & A.V. Engineer Tyle McCarthy
Prop Master Ethan Thompson
Light Board Operator Sadie Covill
Projections Operator Cambria Hobbs
Sound Board Operator Michael Aviles Bramer
Microphone Mixing Cicely Richardson
Follow Spot Operator Alex Terry
Running Crew Samuel Rogers
Running Crew Nicholas Bailey
Wardrobe Lilyana Johanson
Costume Shop Staff: Mackenzie Goodwin, Emma Molloy, Ethan Thompson, Audrey Solinas, & Jia-Lin Ko

Silver Center Staff

Director Stuart Crowell
Technical Operations Manager Robert Bruemmer
Production Coordinator & House Mgr Susanne Hastings
Technical Director Heather Manfredi
Assistant Technical Director Tyler McCarthy
Assistant House Managers:  Tracey Dickson, Claire McIver, & Sharleigh Thomson
House Staff: Christie Allen, Cassandra Ploof, Jessica Turner, Robert John Sobosli Jr.,  Lucas Venezia, Imalay Rodriguez Martinez, Emma Russell, & Ana Pelchat
Box Office Aidan Rich

Setting:  The play begins in the suburbs of Swindon, England.


THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME was first presented by the National Theatre, London at the Cottesloe Theatre on August 2nd 2012 and transferred to the Gielgud Theatre, West End, London on March 12th 2013. The Play opened in the USA at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on October 5th 2014.  This Play is presented by kind permission of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Statment from Plymouth State University Professor
Dr. Nicholas R. Helms

If you’ve met one autistic, you’ve met one autistic. If you’ve seen one play about an autistic, you’ve seen one play. Curious Incident starts conversations about autism, empathy, and neurodivergence, but it’s just that: a start; one play.

The disability justice frame of neurodivergence — a term coined and championed on Twitter by Kassiane @UVGKassi — seeks to push back against normative ideas of cognition and instead claim the value of diversity for all bodyminds. Such activism pushes back against the stereotype that most autistics are white and are men, focusing on autistics who are non-speaking, who are people of color, who are women, and who are LGBTQIA+.

Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay writes, “Autistics are said to be a puzzle. A whole does not emerge from the parts. But what is lost by always thinking of wholes? Isn’t the world itself comprised of little pieces? Don’t we always have the choice of focusing on the piece and not the puzzle?” (Plankton Dreams, 34). A nonspeaking Indian-American author, Mukhopadhyay writes about his experiences as an autistic student in the Texas special education system. We find a similar emphasis with Naoki Higashida, a nonspeaking Japanese author, on perception, communication, and memory: “My memory, however, is more like a pool of dots. I’m always ‘picking up’ these dots–by my asking questions–so I can arrive back at the memory that the dots represent” (The Reason I Jump, 10). As with Mukhopadhyay, Higashida emphasizes the moment over the series, the piece over the constructed whole.

One result of society’s pervasive refusal to accept neurodivergent communication is “masking,” a coping mechanism of mimicking neurotypical speech, expression, and gesture. When Greta Thunberg reached global prominence for her climate change activism, she was frequently decried on social media for being an angry, unsmiling girl. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha reflected upon this public disdain and identified it as ableism: “I am not smiling, although I am lightly ‘masking’…because I’m surrounded by very normal-looking white people, and I have a lifetime of practice toning down how weird I am in public in order to be safe” (“As an Autistic Femme, I Love Greta Thunberg’s “Resting Autism Face”). Resting Autism Face is the refusal to mask, to conform, to smile. Another pattern in neurodivergent communication is the queering of language, a move that is central to autistic experience: “To be autistic is to be neuroqueer, and to be neuroqueer is to be idealizing, desiring, sidling” (Remi Yergeau, AUTHORING autism 18). In adapting José Esteban Muñoz’s queer futurity to autism, Yergeau is highlighting the overlap between the neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ communities as well as pointing out the indebtedness the Neurodivergent activism has to the Queer Rights Movement. Nic Walker defines “neuroqueer” thus: “Engaging in practices intended to ‘undo’ one’s cultural conditioning toward conformity and compliance with dominant norms, with the aim of reclaiming one’s capacity to give more full expression to one’s neurodivergence and/or one’s uniquely weird personal potentials and inclinations” (“Neuroqueer: An Introduction”). To neuroqueer is, in part, to choose neurodivergent communication and expression. It is to proudly wear Resting Autism Face. Neuroqueer is to neurotypical cognition as Queer is to normative sexuality: it breaks the rules, it inverts the oppressive perspective, and it imagines a new world that it enacts through desire.

Curious Incident is just one autistic story. Enjoy the play tonight, and then tomorrow go out and seek others!


Andrew Hotham (Christopher Boone) is a graduate of Plymouth State University with a B. A. in Theatre Arts with an option in Musical Theatre Performance. Some of his most recent work includes King Henry VI in War of the Roses, Lucas in The Addams Family, and George Gibbs in Our Town. Right now, his aspirations include pursuing a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance, as well as continuing to perform professionally. He is very excited for the show and extremely proud of everyone in the cast and crew! Thank you all for supporting PSU Theatre and enjoy the show!

Lindsey Brunelle (Siobhan) is a junior Music Theatre Performance and Theatrical Dance major with a minor in Standardized Patient Training. She was most recently seen in War of the Roses: She-Wolves and Queens (Charles/Lewis/Lady Anne), Silverstar Voyages (Europa Inga), and Sister Act (Sister Mary Patrick). Lindsey would like to thank everyone at PSU for their hard work in getting this production to the stage, and for the opportunity for her to perform and share its story.

Christian Simpson (Ed Boone) is a Senior Theatre Arts Major with double options in Music Theatre Performance and Acting. Christian’s previous credits at Plymouth State include Mal in The Addams Family, Captain Horster in An Enemy of the People, Curtis in Sister Act, Commander Mac in Silverstar Voyages, and Jeremy Jordan in A Killer Party. This is a very unique and eye opening show, and Christian has found the creative process to be his most engaged and challenging as an actor. Christian is very thankful for the talented and dedicated castmates and crew and hopes everyone enjoys this incredible show!

Audrey Solinas (Judy) is a senior Theatre major with an Acting option. Her recent performances at Plymouth State include her roles as Richmond, Exeter, and Salisbury in Shakespeare’s War of the Roses: She-Wolves and Queens, as well as originating the role of Nikki in SilverStar Voyages. This year she began working in the Silver Center Costume Shop as a stitcher and has enjoyed exploring a new side of theatre.

Madeline Anna (Voice One) is a theatre arts major with a concentration in musical theatre from Skaneateles, New York. She has previously performed in the Syracuse Area Music Awards, the Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival, the 2018 All-Eastern Honors Ensemble, Bronte at Northern Vermont University, and several of Skaneateles High School’s musical productions. She is thrilled to debut in her first live PSU performance and she wishes her cast and crew the best of luck.

Garrison Barron (Voice Two) is a Senior Theater Arts Major with a emphasis of acting and writing. With recent roles being in War of the Roses as (Gloucester, Clifford and Clarence), Silver Star Voyages as (Miami) and Sister Act as (Ensemble). This year Garrison is why continuing his work as a student he is also taking a step in the role as a assistant director while working with Advice to The Players to further push the arts out into the world for the upcoming generation.

Calle Marion Bisaillon (Voice Three) is a Sophomore Theatre Arts Major with an option in Acting. She began acting in her hometown of Epping, New Hampshire, both at Epping Middle and High School and the Leddy Center. Acting has been her passion since she was in middle school, and she is also extremely interested in costume design and makeup. Past roles include Little Shop of Horrors (Doo-Wop Girl), Into the Woods (Jack’s mother), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lysander), and Twelfth Night (Viola). She would like to thank her family and friends for the love and support over the years!

Aleksei Ellis (Voice Four) a senior Acting major, is excited to be returning to the Hanaway Stage once again as a Voice inside Christopher’s head. She’s previously been in Shakespeare’ War of Roses: SheWolves and Queens; Rights & Riots; and a student written series, SilverStar Voyagers. Off the stage, Aleksei enjoys writing, reading, and works as a front end supervisor.

Emma Littig (Voice Five) is a Senior studying Theatre. Emma’s a Background Actor based in New York City. Emma was recently wrapped as a Featured Core Background Actor on WeCrashed. This 8 part mini series is in post production but soon to be streaming on AppleTV+. PSU: War of the Roses (Joan la Pucelle, Prince Edward, others) The Addams Family (Newsie Ancestor) SilverStar (Menos Pavos) Yale Opera : A Midsummer Night’s Dream (fairy) , Cozí Fan Tutte (Supernumerary). She walked in the Mothers Ball fashion show wearing Vivian By Emilia George and Totally Fringe nursing bag by Laura Faye.

Hanna Street (Voice Six) is thrilled to be a part of The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time. Hanna is a senior, Musical Theatre Performance major and has had a passion for the performing arts since she can remember. She is excited to graduate and to see what the professional theatre world will bring for her in the future. Some of her recent credits include, A Killer Party (Clarke Staples), Sister Act (Michelle/Nun), Annie (Star-To-Be), and The Little Mermaid (Adella). Hanna would like to thank her boyfriend, Mike for being so supportive of her performing arts career, and for convincing her to chase her lifelong dream. “Enjoy the show, mate!”

Emily King (Assistant Stage Manager) is currently a Junior studying Music Theatre Performance. Credits to her name include Sarah Brown (Guys and Dolls), Dragon (Shrek), Ethel Toffelmeir (The Music Man), and Tina/Ensemble (Sister Act). This is her first credit working as an Assistant Stage Manager and is very proud of the work this cast and crew has done to showcase an incredible piece of work.

Ryan Konrad (Stage Manager) is a junior Theatre Arts major with a focus is in Tech and Design and a minor in photography. Other shows that he has worked on are War of The Roses: She Wolves and Queens (Sound Board Operator/ Sound Designer), Rights and Riots (Deck Manager), and SilverStar Voyages (Assistant Stage Manager). He also works in the scene shop as an electrician/carpenter. Ryan would like to thank everyone that has supported his passion in theatre tech and design and those who have helped to get him where he is now.

Daneé Gosselin (Costume Designer) has been a member of the PSU design team since 2007. Favorite past PSU costume designs include The Addams Family (2019), Dracula (2014), The Pleasure Men (2013), Orpheus in the Underworld (2013), and Marat/Sade (2010). Occasionally she spends her off-time designing costumes for The Winnipesaukee Playhouse, where she has done Jesus Christ Superstar, Table Manners, and Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Summer 2015), and Peter and the Starcatcher, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Living Together, and Cabaret (Summer 2016). Daneé also teaches classes relating to costume design, costume construction, and stage makeup.

Dan Hopper (Lighting Designer) holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Plymouth State University and an M.F.A. in Theatrical Lighting Design from the University of Florida. His theatrical design credits include Next To Normal, The Last Five Years, Sweeney Todd, Pippin, The Seagull, Little Shop of Horrors, The 25th Annual…Spelling Bee, and The Addams Family. Dan’s concert experience includes work for musical artists Snoop Dogg, Megan Thee Stallion, Russ, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Common, and Bishop Briggs. He has worked for companies such as The Asolo Repertory Theatre, Utah Festival Opera, and The Sharon Performing Arts Center.

Matt Kizer (Set Designer and Projections) has been the resident designer for Plymouth State since 1996. He has presented workshops on projections for performance nationally and internationally, including the National Opera Association in New York, and The Cyprus Theatre Organization in Nicosia. His work has been presented at the Kennedy Center in D.C., and with A-Fortiorni dance company in Germany. He designed for two years with Operafestival Di Roma in Italy with the Orchestra Sinfonica dell’ International Chamber Ensemble at Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza in central Rome. In 2019, his work was included on behalf of the United States at the The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space both in exhibition and performance. He has a B.A. from Purdue University, and an M.F.A. from The Ohio State University.

Nicholas R. Helms (Cognitive & Neurodiversity Insight) received his Ph.D. from the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at The University of Alabama in 2015. He is author of Cognition, Mindreading, and Shakespeare’s Characters (Palgrave 2019), and his research applies cognitive science and disability studies to early modern drama and poetry. His most recent article is “To knit the knot: embodied mind in John Donne’s ‘The Ecstasy’” (The Seventeenth Century). Before coming to Plymouth, Prof. Helms acted as artistic director of the Improbable Fictions staged reading series in Tuscaloosa, AL for over a decade.

Timothy L’Ecuyer (Director) has BAs in theatre and English from Keene State College as well as an MA in theatre education and applied theatre from Emerson College (where is is currently finishing his MFA). In addition to being a teaching lecturer at PSU, he is the director of education at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse. He holds New Hampshire state teacher certifications in both English and theatre and taught high school in New Hampshire for ten years. He is a former president of the New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild and an Equity stage manager. Previous directing credits at PSU: Our Town and An Enemy of the People. Representative directing credits elsewhere: The 39 Steps, Red, Grace and Glorie, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Rocky Horror Show, Mary’s Wedding, California Suite, Joseph and the ATD, Treasure Island, The 25th… Spelling Bee, Romeo and Juliet, Carrie the Musical, Godspell, Lord of the Flies, The Secret in the Wings, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Pippin, Electra, Fahrenheit 451, The Laramie Project, Spring Awakening (the play and the musical), Children of Eden, Jesus Christ Superstar, Jane Eyre, The Dining Room, I Am My Own Wife, Proof, Altar Boyz. He has worked with many New Hampshire and Boston area theatres including American Stage Festival, Barnstormers, theatre KAPOW, Peacock Players, StageCoach Productions, Greater Boston Stage Company, the Nora Theatre Company, and Underground Railway Theater.

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