Three-week study abroad opportunity for Juniors and Seniors

The Gaiety School is once again open for international students! This is a three-week acting program in Dublin, Ireland. It’s right on the river by Dublin Castle. This is a long-standing relationship between Plymouth State University and the Gaiety School.

We typically attach this program to one of the performance courses offered in the spring semester. Students who wish to participate are expected to pay the tuition plus airfare. Tuition is approximately €1,950, which includes three weeks of housing.

Most years, students are there for the first two weeks on their own and are joined by a PSU faculty member in the final days for the showcase presentation. Niki is expressing strong interest in this, and we expect a visit from an emeritus faculty member named Beth as well. 🙂

Let us know which of you are interested. Gaiety keeps space reserved for us, and we like to let them know our general plans as soon as we can.