• Deathtrap

    Deathtrap, the smash-hit comedy-thriller that enjoyed a four-year run on Broadway, offers audiences a night of intrigue, wit, and. Of course, murder. What will Sidney Bruhl, a faltering writer of stage thrillers, do to finally have another success? Will he commit murder? This offering is the first for the new Silver Summer Dinner Theatre.

    The comedy-thriller focuses on Sidney Bruhl, a writer of Broadway thrillers who has not had a hit in over a decade. Bruhl receives a new script from a young writer named Clifford Anderson. The name of the play is Deathtrap, and Sidney is sure it will be a major smash. The older, cash-strapped writer has become so desperate to have another success that he indicates to his wife, Myra, that he may kill the young writer, steal his script, and put his own name on it.

    Things get very tense when Sidney invites Clifford to his home to discuss his new play. Add to this mix, the antics of the clairvoyant Helga Ten Dorp and the intrusions of Sidney’s lawyer Porter Milgrim, and you have a great evening of summer entertainment. Deathtrap is filled with comedy, surprises, deceptions, and, of course, murder.  June 30, 2018 – 15, 2018

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