SilverStar Voyages


November 2020 – February 2021
Video: Five Episodes filmed in Hanaway Theatre
Episode 1: Piecing it Together, Directed by Paul Mroczka
Episode 2: Robots Have Feelings Too, Directed by Mikayla Caterino
Episode 3: An Unexpected Meeting, Directed by Paul Mroczka
Episode 4: I Haven’t the Foggiest Idea, Directed by Izzy Stafford
Episode 5: Final Voyage, Directed by Mikayla Caterino
Scenic Design by Matt Kizer
Costume Design by Danee Gosselin
Lighting Design by Matt Kadam.

This series was produced by the Plymouth State University Theatre Program. During the pandemic between 2020 and 2021, live performances were not possible. Students were often required abruptly to quarantine for undetermined amounts of time. We converted our mainstage theatre venue into a basic television studio. The students wrote five original episodes and staged them. At need, some students were filmed separately or over zoom to allow them to participate on view screens. The production dates were constantly in flex. Time for shooting was brief. Masks and microphones do not mix well. We had one rule, though: be adaptable.

Full Episodes

Produced in November of 2020. We learn about the mission of the SilverStar, which has just discovered a planet of trash. A special gift is created for Commander Mac.

Produced in November of 2020. We learn some of the secrets of the crew members. Ut Prosim is on a quest to find his soul. Del La Rosa presents the crew with liquid lasagna. Gleeb takes an unscheduled spacewalk.

Produced in February of 2021. The SilverStar encounters a trader who might not be what she appears to be. Billy makes an important decision. The SilverStar comes under attack.

The SilverStar crew follows an energy trail to an unusual planet with strange aliens. The ship is taken over by mysterious forces. Nickie and Mac have a blowout. The SilverStar crew must fight for their ship and for their lives.

Gleeb is rescued from mysterious alien influences. The crew might have found the object of their quest. Treason and mutiny threaten the quest. An unwelcome visitor returns.


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