PRELIMINARY Practicum Assignments

Brilliant Being
Created through a collaboration between Amanda Whitworth, Paul Mroczka, Jonathon Santore, Matt Kizer, and Emily Jaworski, with Guest Artist Charmy Wells.
Stage Manager Alice Shea
Light Board Operator and
Secondary Media Operator
 Abigail Belanger
Primary Media Operator  Valerie Umbro
Deck Manager  Sydney Moquin


Carrie the Musical
Producer Paul Mroczka
Director John R. Briggs
Music Director  Emily Jaworski
Stage Manager Kendra Fry
Asst. Stage Manager Alex Flammia
Production Coordinator Shannon Sullivan
Asst. to the Sound Engineer Alicia Edgar
Microphone Coordinator Jeanmarie LaPointe
Costumer Designer  Danee Grillo
Scenery and Projections Design Matt Kizer
Lighting Designer  Victoria Miller
Prop Master  Clay Harbert
Light Board Operator Nathaniel Vinson
Followspot Ops Sarah Liebowitz
Alicia Edgar
Media Operator  Grace Brooks
Running Crew and Wardrobe  Cameron Brand
Kelsi Bucknam
Spencer Bernard-Kriegl
 Ethan Fifield
Alyssa Desautelle
Nathan Wild


Stage Kiss
Producer Paul Mroczka
Director Holly McCarthy
Stage Manager Rebecca Beaulieau
Asst. Stage Manager Madison D’Urbano
Costumer Designer  Mary Hunter
Scenic  Design Rosie Legge
Lighting Designer John Findlay
Sound Designer Brian Williams
Dramaturg Kelly Jo Boland
Prop Master  John Rumore
Master Carpenter Leo Curran
Light Board Operator  Katherine Pereira
Sound Board Operator Saige Granger
Running Crew  Sophia Shay
Jerome Bove
Robbie Chubbuck
Deck Crew / Wardrobe  Paige MacDonald


Contemporary Dance Ensemble
Producer Amanda Whitworth
Stage Manager  Miles Parsons
Lighting Designer  John Findlay
Light Board Operator  TBA


The positions listed below are for all shows, Fall Semester, 2016.
Carpenters and Electricians  Costume Technicians  Painters and Set Dressers
Nicke Morris  Margaret McGovern Brandon Suppa
 Carolyn Hart  Nicholas Kalantzakos
 Caleb Lewis